XCJ provides for OTC Medical's logistics

20 January 2015

OTC Medical and XCJ will cooperate more intensively. From mid 2015 XCJ Fulfilment & Handling will take care of OTC Medical's logistics. XCJ Fulfillment & Handling will pick OTC Medical's orders and ship them to the customers.

XCJ Reclameproducties is a well-known company in the drugstore and pharmacy sector. Every week they supply a part of the POS material to drugstores and pharmacies, primarily in the Netherlands and Belgium. XCJ Reclameproducties develops and produces displays and promo material for a growing group of clients. XCJ Fulfillment & Handling takes care of the complete process of folding and filling of the materials.

Taking work out of hands

The transmission fit the current trend to outsource these activities. Arjen van de Merwe, OTC Medical: "Now our complete focus can be on our brands. In addition, we can offer our customers an improved and guaranteed service. XCJ takes the work from the order process of our hands. They pick and ship the orders; larger orders per pallet and smaller ones boxed. XCJ already manufactured displays for us. They are experienced and have proven to be fully equipped for larger productions. This cooperation ensures ease to us, and we can control our cost."

The organization is equipped

Herewith, XCJ broadens its scope. The activity XCJ helps OTC Medical with are in line with the  current. Frank van der Meulen, XCJ: "Our organization is fully equipped. Order picking and shipment is part of our daily business. We can do larger productions such as that of OTC Medical, but we can also assemble smaller ones efficiently (i.e. filling boxes with products and manual). This cooperation strengthens XCJ's position in the market, of which other clients can benefit".

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