OTC Medical takes over Perskindol

17 January 2018

OTC Medical has taken over the marketing and distribution of Perskindol. We are very pleased with the addition to our portfolio as Perskindol is of the highest quality. In addition, Perskindol enjoys a high level of brand awareness and it fits our expertise perfectly.


Perskindol is a special range of products for the muscles and joints. The essence of Perskindol is in the concentrated natural ingredients, the essential oils.

All Perskindol products are produced on a non-fatty base. The penetrate quickly into te skin and leave no residue or flip, while the skin can still breathe. The classic Active products provide a cold effect (menthol first, gradually turning into a warm effect (essential oils). The Active products are mainly used for muscle and joint pain, sports and everyday life. The Cool products provide a strong cooling effect, soothe the skin and ensure a good recovery. They are mainly used in case of an injury and for the recovery after physical effort.


OTC Medical increases the intensity of support substantially. There will be a strong focus on sampling. Trying the product results in many satisfied users, as consumers are extremely satisfied with the mode of action. In addition, we ensure many activities instore. Lastly, we will support Perskindol with TV campaigns.

Please go to www.perskindol.com for additional information, or post your question via our contact page.

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