OTC Medical new distributor of Biofreeze

3 January 2011

From the 1st of January 2011 OTC Medical is the new distributor of all Biofreeze products in the Netherlands and Belgium. From now on OTC Medical will offer the necessary support and marketing for Biofreeze.

Biofreeze is an excellent remedy for aching muscles and injuries. Biofreeze relieves the pain by its ?cold therapy?. It?s products contain menthol naturally which causes the cooling effect. This decreases the pain and improves the blood circulation. In addition, Biofreeze progresses the natural healing process. Biofreeze is mostly used on aching muscles and joints, bruising, injuries, overburdened muscles and arthritis.

The Biofreeze range consists of various products. The tube, roll-on and spray are principally for consumer use; and specially for physiotherapists various products are available for intensive daily use. For years Biofreeze is the no. 1 product in the United States.

Biofreeze is manufactured in the United States by Hygenic Corporation. For more information on Biofreeze and Hygenic Corporation, please visit www.biofreeze.com.



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