OTC Medical launches Ohropax online shop!

18 June 2012

From June 2012 OTC Medical is the new distributor of Ohropax and launches a new online shop: www.ohropaxshop.nl.

The range of Ohropax earplugs: Ohropax Classic, Ohropax Soft and Ohropax Klimawolle is expanded. The current range consists of 7 different Ohropax earplugs.

New in the range are the Ohropax Silicon earplugs which are made of skin friendly pink silicon and protect the ears from water. Besides the bright pink ones there are also Ohropax Silicon Clear earplugs. These are transparent, enabling discrete wearing!

For working in an noisy environment Ohropax Multi a good solution. The two earplugs are made of skin friendly plastic with a string attached to each other. The Ohropax Color earplugs are colorful and protect the ears form loud music at a music festival or concert.

In addition to these 7 different earplugs there are various benefit packages for sale. There is a package containing a selection Ohropax earplugs for travelling. For swimmers, there is a package containing the Ohropax swimming earplugs that protect the ears from water. The third package is the party package where concertgoers can order a good stock of colorful Ohropax Color earplugs. Ohropaxshop.nl is now online and offers the best earplugs for every situation!

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