OTC Medical and Nedac Sorbo expand cooperation

14 May 2014

The cooperation between OTC Medical and Nedac Sorbo is expanded. It concerns expansion with Ohropax and Audispray.

Nedac Sorbo

Nedac Sorbo is a distribution company specialized in non-food. Main supply is to supermarkets, but for example Makro is also a customer. The supply is predominantly in concepts by means of a pre-built planograms of top brands.


The shelves will be equipped with two vaiants: Ohropax Classic and Ohropax Color. The Classic is the best earplug for over 100 years. Made out of a unique recipe - cotton swabs, drowned in a mix of Vaseline and various sorts of paraffin wax - was so good from the start that it practically remained unchanged until today. The Color earplugs are ideal at parties, concerts, sports events etc. The colorful earplugs are made of skin friendly PU foam.


Audispray will strengthen the shelves with Audispray Adult. Audispray is the best substitute for cotton swabs, which push the earwax further in the ear. Audispray removes excessive earwax naturally. Audispray is the undisputed market leader in earsprays.

OTC Medical is delighted with the expansion as the market shares of both brands, as well as the availability to consumers, are given a boost.

Do you wish for more information on OTC Medical and Nedac Sorbo? Please contact us via the details on our contact page.

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