OHROPAX no.1 earplug in the Netherlands

2 May 2013

In 2012 OHROPAX was, again, the best sold earplug in the Netherlands (Source: IMS, 2012). Due to its perfect quality OHROPAX is the undisputed market leader in earplugs. In 2012 OHROPAX' market share was well over 45%; also an increase pertaining to 2011. OTC Medical expects the market share to further increase in 2013 due to several expansions in the line and distribution.

History - OHROPAX Classic

OHROPAX finds its origin in the year 1907 in Berlin. Its founder is Maximilian Negwer; the current company is still run by the Negwer family. In the starting phase of the company OHROPAX Classic was the most important product. Until today this is still the best sold earplug.

The unique formula of cotton, Vaseline and paraffin wax, was so good from the start that it remained practically unchanged until this day. The components are soft for the skin and hypo-allergenic. OHROPAX Classic is simple to use by softly kneading the earplug with clean fingers and inserting it into the ear canal. It reduces the effects of noise substantially.


Since several years the OHROPAX assortment has been expanded by new earplugs for specific occasions. There are earplugs for swimming (OHROPAX Silicon), work (OHROPAX Multi) and concerts and suchlike (OHROPAX Color). Other new earplugs are OHROPAX Soft. OHROPAX Klimawolle and OHROPAX Silicon Clear.


OHROPAX Classic can be found in practically all drugstores, pharmacies, health shops and supermarkets. Recently the assortment of i.a. Etos and Albert Heijn has been expanded with several new OHROPAX products.

In case you wish for more information on OHROPAX, please visit www.ohropax.nl or contact us via the details on our contact page.

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