OHROPAX expands at Albert Heijn!

8 April 2013

After the introduction of OHROPAX Classic in the beginning of this year, OHROPAX expands its assortment at Albert Heijn. The expansion will be OHROPAX Color. Within several weeks the product will be available in all Albert Heijn stores.

This expansion was chosen for to serve an extra target group. OHROPAX Classic serves a very large group, however, for festivals and parties there is demand for a more showy earplug, specifically designed for these occasions. OHROPAX Color serves this need perfectly.

OHROPAX Color earplugs are made of soft skin-friendly foam. In discos, at parties, concerts and sports events the noise is often so loud that is forms serious danger for your health. In these situations OHROPAX Color is the ideal earplug. It fits the ear stably and has a good look because of the bright colors. One pack of OHROPAx Color contains 8 earplugs and retails at 4,95.

OHROPAX is market leader in earplugs in the Netherlands. With a high distribution and its broad assortment OHROPAX is used satisfactorily for decades by a ever growing group of consumers.

Please contact us via the details on our contact page for more information on the expansion or our products. Alternatively, you can visit www.ohropax.com.

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