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23 November 2015

As per today the distribution and marketing of Nozovent moves to OTC Medical. The brand is very much appreciated by its users. However, the current brand awareness and its availability are underdeveloped. Therefore, it is OTC Medical's goal to make Nozovent more widely available, expand the product range and increase it's brand awareness in order to become one of the anti-snoring's market top players.

OTC Medical is delighted with the expansion since it fits the growth strategy perfectly; to grow organically and with new brands of the best possible quality.


Snoring is the audible sound of breathing through a narrowed upper airway. Snoring is a huge problem for many people and their partners. Snoring can be caused by various factors, of which the following are of frequent occurrence: nose problems, clogged airways, the use of alcohol, coffee, medication or sleeping on the back and overweight. This can lead to many problems, such as sleep apnea, tiredness, noise for the partners etc.

One of the most important reasons for snoring is a lack of sufficient air feed through the nose, which leads to more breathing through the mouth. This is where Nozovent offers the solution for snoring.

Solution for Snoring

Nozovent Classic improves the breathing through the nose. The good working action is based on the widening of the air feed through the nose. This is very important, as breathing through the nose is better than via the mouth. The nose cleans, warms and moisturizes the inhaled air. Breathing through the mouth implies that defined airflow directly in the lungs via the mouth, which can, for example, cause a dry mouth and coughing. Nozovent Classic widens the nose significantly enhancing the accessibility of the air substantially.

Nozovent Strips widen the nose as well, and are perfect during sports and heavy efforts. Nozovent Anti-Snoring Spray helps to dampen snoring. It moisturizes the tissue at the back of the palate and the upper part of the pharynx. When the moisture in the mucosa increases, the elasticity of the tissue is improved. The vibrations are therefore reduced, together with the noise of snoring, and slaap is enhanced and undisturbed.

This way Nozovent offers the perfect solution for snoring is every case.

Should you require additional information on the transition to OTC Medical, or in case you have any product related questions, please contact us via the details on our contact page.

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