New website OHROPAX

21 June 2012

As per today OHROPAX's new website is launched on the domain The new website tells the rich story of OHROPAX, provides answers to frequently asked queustions and informs extensively about all OHROPAX products.

We have welcomed four new products under the OHROPAX umbrella: OHROPAX Silicon (allround, water), OHROPAX Silicon Clear (allround, water), OHROPAX Multi (werk) and OHROPAX Color (party, festivals). 

The new website and new products are part of OTC Medical's overall strategy to further build up the brand and increase the support. Furthermore, the build-up will consist of increasing the shelf space and the set-up of a new web shop. This new web shop, which enable customers to buy directly online, will have its kick-off within a couple of weeks on the domain

For more information on OHROPAX please contact us via the details on our contact page.

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