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14 February 2020

For Balance Activ we have launched a new website: This new website shows the new corporate identity of the brand, provides information about the product, gives advice and has a unique online symptoms checker.

The BV Symptoms Checker was designed by healthcare professionals and women who have suffered from intimate health conditions, including BV. Our fast and easy to use symptom checker will help you figure out what's going on down there and how to fix it.

About Balance Activ
Balance Activ is our product in the Intimate Care segment. Balance Activ resolves problems as a result from BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), and is the leading brand in its segment in the Netherlands.

Balance Activ restores and maintains the natural pH balance in the vagina and effectively relieves BV. Balance Activ products are safe to use during pregnancy (however, consult your doctor if you think you have a vaginal infection during pregnancy) and menstruation

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