New: OHROPAX Mini Soft

10 August 2016

OHROPAX, market leader in earplugs in the Netherlands, expands the assortment with the new Mini Soft earplugs. These are slightly more slim-fitted as opposed to the regular Soft earplugs, and therefore very well suited for the smaller ear canal and for children.


OHROPAX Mini Soft earplugs combine a proven quality and protection of OHROPAX Soft with a smaller size suited for a smaller ear canal. Due to the slim fit the earplugs can be easily applied in the ear and offer a perfect fit with ultimate protection.

Its shape ensures an ideal fit for the smaller ear canal and for children, and offers reliable protection against noise and annoying sounds. They are made of skin-friendly, special foam, expand gently in the ear and are very versatile (i.e. for the workplace, concentrated reading, DIY, loud music, relaxation and undisturbed sleep).


From a substantial research in Germany it appeared that OHROPAX scores almost 100% on satisfaction. However, after trying the Mini Soft the subjects with a smaller ear canal were even more satisfied as compared to the regular OPHROPAX Soft. Currently, the Mini Soft is already a huge success in Germany after just being launched at the start of 2016.


OHROPAX Mini Soft will be shortly available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister, and soon in other shops too. Please visit our website for additional information.

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