New: Ohropax Filter earplugs!

31 August 2017

With over 50% market share, Ohropax is the most sold earplug brand in the Netherlands for decades. Now we expand the range with two patented, specialized earplugs. These new earplugs are based on filter technology: one for flying, and one for music. The expansion fits our strategy to grow the brand even further perfectly. The new earplugs are already available at Etos, other sales channels will follow soon.

Filter Flight

The ideal partner for a pleasant flight: the earplugs with patented, specialized filters ensure quietness and regulate the pressure compensation between ear and cabin during take-off and landing. The earplugs offer a pleasant reduction of noise in the middle range, where it is still possible to make a conversation. At the same time, they regulate and counteract the unpleasant air pressure fluctuations during take-off and landing.

Filter Music

Do protection of the ear and unformatted sound go together? Yes, with Ohropax Filter Music there are now the perfect earplugs for music lovers.

Ohropax Filter Music mutes pleasantly, not touching the experience of the sound. The special filters convince by their even mute over all frequencies ("flat mute"). Therefore, you can experience the sound unadulterated, while protecting the ear. You can still make a conversation. The soft, anatomically shaped lamellar structure ensures a perfect wearing comfort.

Please visit, or contact us via the details on the contact page, for more information.

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