New Grahams Products

18 November 2015

In the coming months various new Grahams products will be launched. In addition to the existing range, with problem-solving as well as nurturing products, we will introduce, amongst others, Organic Lip Balms, a Natural Daily Facial Cleanser and the new Eczema Oil.


Grahams originated when Geoff Graham's son Ryan was suffering heavily from eczema. Unsatisfied with the existing products (bad working action and/or chemical), he decided to make his own product. His starting points were "natural ingredients" and "excellent efficiency". After a period of trial and error the first product was there, delivering surprising results.

Thereafter, various products followed as the Shampoo, Body Wash and a sooting balm as well as hand soap and skin oil. Time and time again the starting point is "natural ingredients"; the products are very well received by an increasing group of satisfied users. In the upcoming period we will introduce five new products.

New Products

The Natural Daily Facial Cleanser cleanses and purifies the skin. Our all-natural ingredients gently dissolve impurities, clear the pores and calm congested skin. It removes excess oil and make-up (including waterproof mascara). With green tea, aloe vera and cucumber. The Skin Rescue Moisturizing Lotion is a powerful mix of anti oxidants and soothing, caring, anti-irritant ingredients. They blend together to an exceptional rich lotion, which takes excellent care of dry to very dry skin. Suited for daily use, as a day cream. Shampoo 500ml; the same product but available in a bigger bottle with a price advantage. Organic Lip Balms. These 100% natural lip balms care, protect and sooth the lips. They can be used as much as you like and come in the flavors Raspberry and Vanilla.

The Eczema Oil is especially developed for babies and children and is advised to use complementary to the Eczema Cream. The new Eczema Oil is very well suited for taking care of and sooth the young and/or sensitive skin, and when suffering from eczema, itch, redness, peeling and sores.

Please take a look at our website for additional information, or contact us via the details on our contact page for any questions or remarks.

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