New: Grahams Eczema Cream

5 April 2012

Grahams is a product line of natural products for people with skin problems (such as dry skin, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis etc.). The product line is available in the Netherlands for 2 years. It consisted of health products only.

Eczema Cream
Recently OTC Medical, distributor of Grahams in the Netherlands, launched a Medical Device called "Grahams Eczema Cream". The first reactions to the product are outstanding. It appears that the cream lives up to the expectations: it calms the skin and relieves the itching.

As all Grahams products the Eczema Cream is made of natural ingredients only. Because of its mild composition the cream is very well suited for children and use in the face.

Complete Range
Grahams already offered effective products for the problematic skin. This Medical Device brings Grahams to an even higher level. For the drugstores Grahams is a clear product line of which consumers are highly satisfied. Grahams SunClear is recommended for the upcoming summer. This sunscreen with SFP30 is 100% natural, easily applied and transparent. 

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