Murray's to OTC Medical

21 December 2015

OTC Medical takes over the marketing and distribution of Murray's in the Netherlands. It's hairstyling products are for decades extremely populair amongst a large group of satisfied users. Murray's has built up a substantial legacy, and has as much potential for the future. Especially during the last years Murray's has realized a huge worldwide growth; it is OTC Medical's goal to cope with this growth in the Netherlands.

Murray's History

Murray's was founded in 1925, when Mr. C.D. Murray started to sell the hair products under the company name "Murray's Superior Products Company". From the first day he believed that an honest product sold at a fair price would spell success. In 1947 he stated on this:

"In the United States countless articles and goods are manufactured to promote your comfort. If those things that are fairly offered to your comfort or peace are worthy they live. If not, they die. The Murray's Superior Products Company's cosmetics have outlived a score of big names that blazed high for a while and died quickly."


On the basis of this principle Murray's managed to continuously grow. Today Murray's is well-known around the globe; everyone is familiar with the recognizable orange tin cans with the well styled man and woman. From the start back in the 1920's, the products were so good that have barely changed over time, until today. The number of satisfied, returning customers continuous to grow.

Today there is a complete Murray's assortment with, amongst others, Murray's Nu Nile for a "wet look", Murray's Super Light for a lighter alternative, Murray's Hair Glo for added shine and a special "Obama" edition.

OTC Medical

OTC Medical is delighted with the transfer of Murray's. It is, for a long time, one of the world's most famous and best appreciated hairstyling brands. In addition, Murray's fits OTC Medical's strategy perfectly; grow organically as well as with new brands of the highest quality.

Please contact us via the details on our contact page for more information on the transfer or the Murray's products.

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