Many people share bed with unwanted partners

2 April 2019

One in four people suffer from dust mites

Nijmegen, April 2nd 2019 - They won't hurt us and you won't see them, but dust mites are a major nuisance in many Dutch bedrooms. The fact is that one in four Dutch people is allergic dust mites. In addition, a third of these people do not even realize that these unwanted bed partners are the cause of complaints such as colds, tear eyes, itching, eczema, chronic fatigue and even asthma. Research shows that a 100% natural medical device is the solution to reduce allergy complaints without having to take medication.

The symptoms of this allergy can also indicate - much more obvious - ailments such as hay fever and a cold. Therefore, many people do not realize that the true source of all misery may be hidden in their mattress or bedding. That lack of consciousness is also not strange; the two house dust mites that are most common in our beds are invisible and harmless in themselves. They do not bite and prick, but they produce allergens: their excretion and the dead mites are the real problem. "In the case of a dust mite allergy, the thorough eradication of allergens is a first, unavoidable step of the solution," emphasizes Professor E. Bodart, pediatric pneumo- and allergologist, and member of the Belgian Circle of Pediatric Pulmonologists. With the help of the ExAllerSpray, for mattress and bedding, allergic complaints can be greatly reduced.

Treatment without medication
Starting this week, the ExAller Spray will be available in the Netherlands, which "wipes out" 80 percent for a first treatment and 99% of house dust mites after a third treatment. With the certainty that the absence of the house mite will also cause the cause of the allergy to disappear, so that the symptoms will not occur. How does ExAller work? Like a trap. By spraying the bedding with this product, mites are lured from the mattress in which they hide. You can then wash the bedding in the washing machine at sixty degrees, thus removing the mites. A simple, effective and non-toxic way to get rid of your allergy complaints without having to take medication yourself. This product is an invention that every Dutch person with dust mite allergy can now benefit from.

About ExAller
ExAller was created from scientific research and contains no harmful substances. ExAller has been developed by the Belgian Acar’Up and since 2017 available in a large number of countries worldwide. From now on, ExAller is on the shelves of all Kruidvat stores. The 75 ml spray has a suggested retail price of € 19.99 and the 150 ml spray has a suggested retail price of € 29.99. For more information, visit ExAller is marketed in the Netherlands by OTC Medical B.V. from Nijmegen.

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