Launch & TV Campaign Remescar

17 August 2017

As per week 29 Remescar is new in the Netherlands. Remescar consists of a range of clinically proven products which offer a solution to specific skin problems, such as spider veins, stretch marks and scars. Remescar offers true solutions to skin problems. The launch is exclusive with Etos and is supported, amongst others, with a big TV campaign. 


Remescar's range consists of a range of unique Medical Devices for spider veins, stretch marks and scars. Remescar Spider Veins is clinically proven to help in the healing and the prevention of the medical condition, spider veins. Thanks to its active properties Remescar Spider Veins helps repair weak vein tissues and will reduce the vascular discoloration caused by spider veins. Remescar Spider Veins reduces the visibility of spider veins up to 51%!

Remescar Stretch Marks is a silicon-based cream which treats and prevents stretch marks by releasing a long lasting protective film that will cover the affected skin. A clinical study from an independent lab shows that Remescar Stretch Marks reduces stretch marks on the stomach, hips and legs up to 50% severity in just 28 days!

Remescar Scar Stick combines the best of both the medical and cosmetic world. The easy to use silicon stick leaves an invisible, transparent thin film which creates an optimal protective barrier for the scar to heal, and helps to maintain the skin's moisture balance. Remescar Scar Stick reduces the visibility of scars up to 73%!

TV Campaign

The first flight runs for 5 weeks and ends the 3rd of September. The commercial is broadcasted on the commercial stations as well as on the STER (public). Please turn to our marketing page to see the commercial.

You can visit for additional information or contact us via the details on the contact page.

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