31 March 2020

After previously announcing that OTC Medical BV has taken over the marketing and distribution of LUUF® in the Netherlands as of 28 March 2020, we have launched a new website for LUUF®: This website gives you information about LUUF®, the products of LUUF® and shows you where LUUF® is available in The Netherlands.

About LUUF®
LUUF® was already developed in 1968 by doctor and pharmacist Friedrich Böhm. LUUF® soft products help babies and young children with colds. With the Cold Balm for Babies & and the Cold Balm for Children, LUUF offers a range of products to provide relief from colds, cold symptoms and stuffy noses. True to Böhm's recipe for success, LUUF® is still a leading cold specialist for the whole family.

A cold is annoying, but even more so for children. That's why it's important to tackle children's stuffy noses and the cold. LUUF® has been developed for babies and children to provide natural respiratory relief. LUUF® Cold Balm for babies is mild for the sensitive airways of babies and children up to 3 years of age and contains no menthol. LUUF® Cold Balm for Children (from 3 years of age) does contain an appropriate amount of menthol for rapid relief of the airways.

LUUF® products are manufactured in Austria by the manufacturer Apomedica. In the Netherlands OTC Medical BV is responsible for distribution and marketing.

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