Distribution Grahams to OTC Medical

27 December 2011

Per the 1st of January the distribution and marketing of Grahams in the Netherlands has moved to OTC Medical. Importer Grahams Skincare, which took care of the Dutch affairs before, will concentrate on the rest of Europe.

With OTC Medical Grahams Skincare chose a party which is very well suited to supply and support all retailers. OTC Medical is delighted with the extension as it fits the company perfectly: Grahams consists of well-working, natural problem-solving products, of which consumers are very satisfied.

Grahams is a product line that consists of different products with natural solutions for skin problems. They are for young and old. Because of their natural character there is an increasing group of people without skin diseases which make use of the Grahams products (such as the Sooth-it Balm, Bath-/Shower Oil and the Grahams Shampoo).

Where Grahams Skincare concentrates on the expansion in Europe, OTC Medical will take care of the support of the sales point in the Netherlands. This will be done in particular with in-store material, product training and local advertising.

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