Biofreeze available in smaller tube

5 January 2015

As from today Biofreeze now also comes in a smaller tube.Until now the assortment consisted of the tube, roll-on and spray, with a content of approximately 100 ml. With the new introduction we expect to fill a need of the current users and lower the barrier for future users at the same time.

There are two main reasons for the introduction of the smaller tube. Firstly, we received many questions form Biofreeze users for a smaller tube. In particular for in their sport(bag), but also for traveling ("on the go"). The small tube fits every bag and can be easily taken when traveling. Secondly, the smaller tube enables a wider public to get acquainted with Biofreeze. The new tube contains 30 ml and is priced at 4,99.

About Biofreeze

Biofreeze works according to the "Cold Therapy". The combination of natural menthol and the evaporation of alcohol causes a cold feeling on the painful spot(s). This ensures an improved blood circulation and influence on the nerve endings in the top layer of the skin. This causes substantial pain relief and relaxation for the muscles. Biofreeze is a fast, long-lasting pain relieving gel which is used by many athletes, but also by many elderly suffering from chronic pain; all with a very high level of satisfaction.

Do you wish for more information on the smaller tube or Biofreeze in general? Please contact us via the details on our contact page. 

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