Biofreeze available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister

13 July 2015

As per next month Biofreeze will be available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister. It concerns the Biofreeze Tube of 110 ml in all outlets of both chains. OTC Medical is delighted with the expansion in availability (now approximately 4,000 shops).


Biofreeze is a cooling, pain relieving gel, primarily used for muscle and joint pain. It works according to the "Cold Therapy": a combination of natural menthol and evaporation of alcohol ensures a cold sensation on the painful spots, leading to direct and long-lasting (at least 3 hours) of pain relief.

Roughly, there are two groups of Biofreeze users. Firstly, the group of athletes. They use of Biofreeze predominantly after their exercise, for relief of muscle pain or injuries; as Biofreeze works provenly better than ice. Secondly, Biofreeze is used more and more by elderly with chronicle pain, such as artritis and artrose.


Biofreeze is, for long, supported heavily by sampling. The small 5 ml sachets provide the chance to experience the effects of Biofreeze. In addition, from now on Biofreeze will be supported by ads in local and nationwide newspapers (i.e. AD, Trouw, Parool and Volkskrant). Furthermore, our TV commercial can be seen frequently.

In case you wish for additional information on the availability of Biofreeze, please see (or .com), or alternatively contact us via the details on our contact page.     

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