Assy to OTC Medical

28 November 2016

At the start of 2017 the marketing and distribution of Assy moves to OTC Medical. The Assy lice comb is unique; it is considered to be the best lice comb in the world with any advantages over other lice combs and other anti-headline products. This outstanding quality and many opportunities for growth make that OTC Medical is delighted to add Assy as a brand to the existing portfolio.

The best lice comb

Assy is manufactured out of very precise welded teeth (Laser Technology) with MicroSpirals. These ensure the 100% natural and 100% effective elimination of lice and nits. New lice do not stand a chance, and the problem is solved simply. By using Assy no other, often chemical, products are needed. Not only is combing recommended, it is also the best option from a health perspective. This way no chemical products reach the scale of children.

OTC Medical

Assy is perceived to be qualitative superior and, in addition, has a lot of potential to grow. Therefore, Assy fits OTC Medical's growth strategy (to grow with the best quality brands) perfectly.

Please contact us via the details on the contact page for additional information on Assy.

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