After Bite to OTC Medical

21 March 2016

As per today the marketing and distribution of the After Bite brand moves to OTC Medical. After Bite is, for a long period, the no. 1 brand in the segment.

After Bite

After Bite softens and soothes the skin after insect bites (i.e. mosquitos, flees, ants, horseflies, bees, ticks and wasps). But After Bite does not stop there; it offers relief too, in cases of bites and contact with stinging nettles, jellyfish and cases alike. After Bite comes in a handy pen with liquid.

After Bite contains ammonium hydrochloride, offering an instant and effective neutralization of the poison in the skin. After Bite belongs to the "counterirritants", counteracting with the toxins of, in this case, insects. Advantages of After Bite are the softening and soothing of the skin, the handy non-staining pen, instant results and a special kids product.

The assortment consists of 3 products: After Bite Classic, Kids and Xtra.

OTC Medical

OTC Medical is delighted with the transition. For a long period it its the no. 1 product in the segment. In addition, it fits OTC Medical's growth strategy perfectly; to grow both organically and with new brands of the highest quality.

Please contact us for additional information on the transition of the brand. You can use the details on the contact page.

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