Our company was founded in 2006. The launch of a line of home diagnostics originated the company. We still work with this line today. However, after the launch, OTC Medical learned that the strength is in the marketing and growing of brands. Therefore, we started building a strong portfolio of distribution brands.

OTC Medical is a house of strong brands. We only want the best brands in our portfolio, brands that offer a true solution. This ensures that our customers and the end consumers are very satisfied with OTC Medical. In turn, this is the basis for the company to continue the growth of our brands in turnover, numbers, prestige and brand awareness.

We supply all retailers in The Netherlands. We handle all key accounts direct and visit all independent drugstores, pharmacies and health shops with our sales teams. Our logistical center and head office is located in Oosterhout, Gelderland (The Netherlands).

We support our brands with a brand-specific approach. For some brands this means large TV campaigns, for others PR, Radio or a cooperation with social influencers. But always with the full dedication and a targeted approach.

Today, we have a portfolio of brands ranging from Medical Devices and food supplements to OTC medicines. We are fully licensed to work with all classifications and will continue our strong growth in the years to come.


OTC Medical BV

Linie 13a
6678 PK Oosterhout
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 88 - 022 1777