Early Pregnancy Test

In addtion to our standard pregnancy test, Test-Point introduced its early pregnancy test for detection of a pregnancy even before the woman's period is due. The Test-Point Early Pregnancy Test was the first early pregnancy test in the Netherlands.

Alike most other well-known pregnancy tests, this test measures the hCG hormone in urine. Usually, a woman's hCG hormone rises from the first day of a pregnancy. The normal levels of hCG are in between 0 and 10 IU/mL. Other tests on the market measure a pregnancy at 25 IU/mL. Due to the improved sensitivity of the Test-Point Early Pregnancy Test it is able to determine a pregnancy at 12mI/mL.

This way of measuring is optimal because detection below 12 IU/mL would imply that the test indicates a pregnancy, where a normal level of hCG could be 10 IU/mL.

  • Results: Within 1 minute
  • Measure: hCG hormone in urine


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