Cassette Pregnancy Test

For a normal course of the pregnancy and a undisturbed development of the unborn child, several essential changes take place in the female body. Primarily, hormones are responsible for the adjustments to the pregnancy. The most important pregnancy hormones are estrogen, progesterone and hCG (humane choriongonadotrofine). For healthy and non-pregnant women the hCG levels are between 0 and 10 mIU/ml (International Miliunits per Mililiter); the normal range. At a pregnancy already after the first days of the fertilization the hCG levels start to increase. Among the tenth week levels of 230.000 mIU/ml can be reached. After the birth the levels fall back quickly, within several weeks to its normal range. Therefore, the hCG hormone is perfect for diagnosing a pregnancy. The limit for a pregnancy is > 10 mIU/ml.

The Test
Testing with a cassette test is very reliable. It determines the level of hCG in urine. According to this level the pregnancy can be diagnosed.

In addition, this testing method is very simple. Take in the urine in a dry, clean cup. Only remove the cassette out of the foil pouch once you are ready to start testing. Lay it on a plane surface. Take out the urine and put in on the cassette.

The use of early morning urine is recommended; the hCG levels are the highest. In case you prefer to test on another time of the day, this is also possible.

You can read the result of the Test-Point Cassette Pregnancy Test within 3 minutes (positive resultat after 1 minute). Do not read the result after minutes. Two line imply a positive result; 1 line a negative result.

Available in 1, 2 and 6 tests.


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