Remescar Night Renewal Exfoliator

During the night, our skin goes into recovery mode. After your skin is cleared of dirt (using micellar water & toner), it is important to exfoliate your skin to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. A standard cell cycle of the skin lasts about 28 days. By exfoliating your skin, the skin cells renew themselves faster which will help any blemishes or scars to fade more quickly.

The Remescar Night Renewal Exfoliator ampoules will intensively stimulate cell renewal during the night with the help of its pure and essential ingredients. This ensures that the skin is repaired and renewed. By removing the top layer of (dead) skin cells, the skin becomes softer and more even.
For an optimal effect of these ampoules it is recommended to use them 2 times a week. Thus, the skin is intensively exfoliated and the skin is given sufficient time to recover.


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