Remescar Crow's Feet

Remescar Crow's Feet is an instant and effective cream which helps to reduce and diminish the appearance of crow's feet with just one simple application per day. Remescar Crow's Feet is specially formulated to address crow's feet around the delicate eye area.

Crow's feet, also know as "laugh lines" or "expression lines", are clusters of tiny wrinkles and fine lines that form around the outer corners of the eyes over time. These eye wrinkles are named as such because they form fine lines that resemble to crow's feet.

As the skin around the eyes is exceptionally thin, wrinkles in this area can form fairly early due to constant muscle use and a gradual reduction in the skin's elasticity. Other causes that make a person more likely to develop crow's feet are excessive sun exposure, smoking, high pollution, squinting, frowning and smiling.

Laugh lines represent a happy life full of joyful facial expressions. But as you age, these lines deepen, making you look older than you really are. Don't like needles but want instant results? Try Remescar Crow's Feet! Its revolutionary technology eWRINK immediately targets and tightens skin structures around the eyes, by using a unique combination of plant silicones, clay minerals, photo-saccharides and concentrated glucoside particles which will fill in wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

For under make-up: First, apply your usual products (eye serum, daily moisturizer, etc.) and allow time for these products to penetrate the layers of your skin (a minute or two). The you can apply a vey thin layer of Remescar Crow's Feet to the targeted area. If you see a white residue you have either used too much product or did not use moisturizer. Simply tissue off the white residue with a bit of water. Once the product has dried, apply your make-up as usual. 

Note: Oil-based make-up may reduce the effectiveness of Remescar Crow's Feet.

Note: Make sure not to use Remescar Crow's Feet with Remescar Eyeballs & Dark Circles on the same skin area, as this could give some white residue or cause sensitivity.

Remescar Crow's Feet reduces crow's feet up to 73% instantly!* 

*Based on the reduction of the depth of the crow's feet by means of biometric measurements after a single application. Blinded, placebo-controlled clinical evaluation of the reduction of crow's feet.

The advantages:

  • Reduces the appearance of crow's feet in just a few minutes!
  • INSTANT visible results
  • Effective from 1st application
  • Clinically proven


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