OHROPAX Multi earplugs are earplugs with air suspension and a connection cord. Always reliable and at place when needed; your best colleague's at work.

OHROPAX Multi protects effectively against noise, i.e. working at home, loud music or a loud spare time activity. OHROPAX Multi is the ideal earplug when it comes to work. The earplug, composed of comfortable plastic, is anatomically shaped and is equipped with a soft air suspension. The earplugs are conncted with a cord. During a short break it is very easy to put them around your neck, but have them readily available when needed.

The OHROPAX Multi earplugs are reusable since they can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Make sure you use the earplugs only when they are dry. With OHROPAX Multi you have a reliable, practical and all-round earplug which protects perfectly from noise, especially during interval burdening.

Product information:

  • Composition: Kraton plastic, the beam of EVA, the cord of PVC.
  • Color: The beam green and rest pink.
  • Properties: Anatomically shaped, air suspension, washable.
  • Content: 2 pieces.


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