OHROPAX Mini Silicon

The small but significant difference to our established silicone earplugs is in the reduced size, which is perfectly suited to children and adults with smaller ear canals. OHROPAX Mini Silicon earplugs thus guarantee a perfect fit in front of the ear canal and reliably protect the ear against noise and annoying sounds. OHROPAX Mini Silicon earplugs are ideal for ensuring undisturbed sleep, as protection against water and wind, as a travel companion and for children.

Substantial research shows that satisfaction for OHROPAX is extremely high. However, for a large group this satisfaction even increased with the use of OHROPAX Mini Silicon.

Use: place the clean, dry earplug in front of the opening of the ear and push gently until the ear is sealed. It is important that your hands and the earplug are dry. Do not bring the earplug in the hearing canal.


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