OHROPAX Classic earplugs find its origin in 1907. The unique formula remained practically unchanged until this day. The components are soft for the skin and are hypo-allergenic. The earplugs can be adjusted to every ear canal and reduce the effects of noise substantially. Its comfort is excellent as the earplug does not put pressure on the ear. Its comfortable material attaches to the skin and ensures a good fit. The earplugs are skin-colored and can therefore be worn discretely.

OHROPAX Classic is simple to use by softly kneading the earplug with clean fingers and inserting it in the ear canal. By putting light pressure on the auricle the scoop is loosened and can be removed.

Product information:

  • Composition: Vaseline, various paraffin waxes, cotton wool.
  • Color: Discrete, skin-color.
  • Properties: Moldable, skin friendly wax. Fits the ear without pressure.
  • Content: 12 or 20 pieces.


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