Nozovent Classic

Nozovent improves the breathing through the nose. The good working action is based on the widening of the air feed through the nose. This is very important, as breathing through the nose is better than through the mouth. The nose cleans, warms and moisturizes the inhaled air. Breathing through the mouth implies that defiled air flows directly in the lungs via the mouth, which can, for example, cause a dry mouth and coughing.

 Nozovent widens the nose significantly, enhancing the accessibility of the air substantially. It has been proved that for athlete's the rise of the blood pressure is considerably lower thanks to the widening of the nose. During the sleep Nozovent enhances the airflow through the nose with 50%. For snorers this can be very helpful, as the enhanced air flow through the nose reduces snoring.

Nozovent Classic is a nasal dilator manufactured from safe, hygenic polysteramide plastic. 

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