Snoring is the audible sound of breathing through a narrowed upper airway. Snoring is a huge problem for many people, and their partners. Snoring can be caused by various factors, of which the following are of frequent occurrence: nose problems, clogged airways, the use of alcohol, coffee, medication or sleeping on the back and overweight. This can lead to many problems, such as sleep apnea, tiredness, noise for the partners etc.

One of the most important reasons for snoring is a lack of sufficient air feed through the nose, which leads to more breathing through the mouth. This causes a vibration of the soft part of the palate and, hence, to the sound which is called snoring. Nozovent widens the nose, enabling a better mode of breathing through the nose, in which it positively influences the snoring behavior.

Research (long period, 50 persons at the University of Goteborg) has shown that Nozovent significantly reduces snoring; partners of the test persons were very positive about the results. In 80% of the cases snoring was significantly reduces, as well as complaints of a dry throat and mouth. In addition, they were better rested. Further to that, breathing through the nose instead of the mouth does not only reduces snoring, but it also better for the general health. The nose's mucous membranes warm and filter the air in order to prevent damage to the throat and lungs.

In addition, Nozovent offers the Nose Strip and Anti-Snoring Spray. Read more information on the various products on the product pages.


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