LUUF Cold Balm Children

LUUF® Cold Balm for children is ointment for inhalation vapour, for children from 3 years of age. LUUF® Cold Balm (for children) is an ointment made from volatile oils and aromatic substances and works after inhaling through the nose. Some of the volatile oils are also absorbed by the skin. Inhaling fumes, released by body heat, is experienced as enlightening. LUUF® Cold Balm (for children) is used for colds.

UUF® Cold Balm for children can be used with cold symptoms. The recommended dose is: Rub the child's chest, back and neck in the morning and evening with 5 to 10 ml (= 1 to 2 teaspoons) of LUUF® Cold Balm (for children), then warm the rubbed areas.

  • Ointment for inhalation vapour
  • For children from 3 years of age

The active substances in this product are per g: 50 mg camphor, 27.5 mg menthol, 15 mg eucalyptus oil and 50 mg turpentine oil. The other substances in this product are: nutmeg oil, cedar oil, thyme oil, soft white paraffin and hard paraffin.

Note: This product is a self-care medicine. Read the leaflet before use. Do not use in case of asthma or other respiratory diseases. In case of doubt or persistent complaints, consult a (family) doctor.


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