iWhite Tooth Polisher

Tartar is one of the most important threats for your smile. It threatens the teeth's and gum's health, but also absorbs stains easily, causing discoloration. The iWhite Tooth Polisher is an easy-to-use Polisher to polish your teeth at home. Plaque and superficial stains are removed due to the circular rotating movements with the special polishing head. Combined with iWhite polishing paste it helps to remove plaque and superficial stains from i.e. coffee, tea and tobacco, and prevents new plaque to form. We advice to use the iWhite Tooth Polisher once a week.

The Polisher is easy to use:

  1. Brush your teeth before the use.
  2. Place a small quantity iWhite paste on the inside and on top of the polishing head. Also, place a small quantity on the teeth you will polish.
  3. Place the rotating head carefully on all faces of the teeth you polish.
  4. Polish every tooth for several seconds.
  5. Wash your mouth after polishing.

In addition to the iWhite Tooth Polisher there is iWhite Refill. I contains polishing paste but also a new interdental polishing head, for the removal of plaque in between the teeth; a place where tooth decay and gum problems often appear.


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