Grahams Shampoo

Grahams Shampoo relieves and softens the dry, itching and irritated scalp. In addition, we strongly recommend this shampoo when having skin problems on other parts of the body, since it does not irritate the skin when rinsing it off (as do many regular shampoos). As all Grahams products, the shampoo is hypo-allergenic. 

Grahams Shampoo is composed on the basis of a unique mixture of herbs and organic ingredients. When treating psoriasis the scalp is often smeared at night with the Calendulis Plus Cream, after which the hair is washed with Grahams Shampoo the next morning. The shampoo is suited for every type of hair.

Use: Massage the shampoo into the hair and let it abrogate. Wash the hair thoroughly.

Grahams Shampoo comes in 2 sizes: 250 and 500 ml.


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