Grahams Psoriasis Cream

Psoriasis is a common, chronic inflammatory disease affecting about 3% of the population. Its cause is unknown. It is not contagious from one person to another and reports state that it usually does not form scars on the skin. Symptoms of psoriasis appear as localized clearly defined skin lesions, mostly symmetrical, red papules and plaques, usually covered with white or silver scales. This thickened, inflamed skin is also characterized by itching, stinging and pain; and usually occurs on the knees, elbows, trunk or scalp, but it may occur anywhere.

Currently, there is no cure for psoriasis. It is a complex disease where many factors play a role.

Grahams Psoriasis Cream is a Medical Device for the relief of psoriasis. Apply to clean, dry skin as frequently (nominally 2-3 times daily) to keep plaques and psoriasis effected skin moist and comfortable. It is best to use emollients thinly and frequently throughout the day (not thickly and occasionally), because the emollient action helps the skin to maintain its natural hydration and barrier function. 

This non-sterile topical emollient therapy is for use in conjunction with professional medical management of psoriasis. It may be used alone or with phototherapy and/or other treatments. Emollient therapy can help to redress skin plaques characteristic of psoriasis; symptoms of which including scaling, together with dry, inflamed, itchy, flaky, denuded, thickened and/or red skin. This products acts by softening, soothing and lubricating the surface, enhancing scale removal and facilitating epidermal re-hydration.


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