Grahams Calendulis Plus Cream

This is the first product that Geoff Graham developed for his son. It nourishes the red, rough and irritated skin. The skin turns soft and smooth again. The cream supports the skin's ability to recover. Apply Calendulis Plus Cream 2-3 times a day on the red, rough and irritated skin.

Good to know: Each skin is different. Therefore, each skin reacts differently to Grahams's Calendulis Plus Cream. At first the skin may react sensitively; this is a normal reaction of the skin (protecting). It is best to first apply a small amount on a "good" part of the skin. Once applied it can be seen whether your skin reacts on the cream, and you do not necessarily have to think of an allergic reaction when you apply the cream on a "bad" part of the skin.

For the best results we advice the use of Grahams Bat Oil in combination with the Calendulis Plus Cream. The product is available in three different sizes: 50, 120 and 240 gr. 


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