Grahams Aloe Deodorant

Long lasting, leaves no white residue and contains Aloe extract to help soothe and moisturize. Especially formulated for those with a sensitive skin.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts, deodorants do not. Antiperspirants aim to stop perspiration completely. As deodorants do not contain aluminum they will allow perspiration via the natural process. Therefore, from a strictly natural point of view, it makes more sense to us to use deodorants.

Of course none of us wants to emit an unpleasant, offensive odor, but aluminum-free underarm deodorants do work to keep us feeling clean and fresh. Most commercial brands of deodorant contain a variety of harsh chemicals that are detrimental to our health. More importantly, regular antiperspirants and deodorants can do damage topically as wel as may even cause rash. Many people can be allergic to those chemical ingredients, including synthetic fragrances.

Grahams Aloe Deodorant is free from paragons, aluminum and alcohol. Moreover, it is gluten free and surely not tested on animals.


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