Dr. Protein

The Dr. Protein by Anthony Kruijver products have been developed for a healthy lifestyle. Anthony Kruijver started to study everything in the field of training and nutrition when he started with fitness. Thanks to the Sport & Exercise education at the Amsterdam Sports Academy and the internationally-oriented NASM course, Anthony knows exactly what is needed for a healthy lifestyle.

The Dr. Protein assortment consists of bars, capsules and a diet shake.

Dr. Protein Bars
The Dr. Protein Bars by Anthony Kruijver are the first bars for athletes that are specifically tailored to your goals. The bars vary in size, calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein and vitamins and are specially formulated for losing weight (cutting), bulking or muscle recovery. Thanks to the specific value of each bar you know exactly which bar suits your purpose. We have worked very hard to strike the right balance between taste and the right nutritional values, in which we have succeeded very well!

Dr. Protein bars are developed because we are often too busy to prepare many meals and then quickly get tempted by bad snacks. The Dr. Protein bars are easy to carry and are a good addition to your other meals. You do not have to feel bad if you take these tasty snacks!

Dr. Protein Capsules and Shake
When following a diet, the Dr. Protein Detox Capsules, Dr. Protein Fat Burner Capsules and Dr. Protein High Protein Diet Shake are products that fit well here.


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