In the Dr. Original category Tools you will find products that can support you in daily life. For example, consider the following useful products:

  • Dr. Original Chlorhexidine
  • Dr. Original Universal Jar Opener
  • Dr. Original Electric Foot Callus Remover
  • Dr. Original Writing Grip
  • Dr. Original Key Turner
  • Dr. Original Tube Squeezer

Dr. Original Chlorhexidine
This application fluid is for application on the skin. This solution contains 0.5% chlorhexidine gluconate in 70% alcohol. Every ml of Dr. Original Chlorhexidine contains 5 mg of chlorhexidine digluconate. 

Dr. Original Universal Jar Opener
The Dr. Original Universal Jar Opener is a smart kitchen aid and allows you to quickly and easily open awkward lids on a huge variety of jars. With anti-slip handle and a unique built-in knife to open closed bags. Perfect for users with reduced grip or limited dexterity.

Dr. Original Electric Foot Callus Remover
With this Electronic Fool Callus Remover, the removal of calluses becomes very easy. The Foot Callus Remover is adjustable at multiple speeds and you use it to remove hard, dead skin and calluses on your foot. For this device there are refill removers (standard and coarse) available.

Dr. Original Writing Grip
The Dr. Original Writing Grip gives you more writing grip and can be used with pencils and pens. The finger grip of this writing grip offers a comfortable writing position and is pleasant to use for people with limited strength or grip in the hand, wrist or arm.

Dr. Original Key Turner
The Key Turner of Dr. Original is developed for people who have problems with handling small door keys. The large handle lets you easily turn the key. The Key Turner can hold 3 keys and the keys can be folded into the holder.

Dr. Original Tube Squeezer
With the Tube Squeezer you can easily put pressure on toothpaste and similar  tubes with just one hand, so that the content can be removed out of the tubes. Ideal for use with one hand and for people with arthritis, as well as for environmentally friendly users who want to reduce waste by ensuring that tubes are completely empty before they are thrown away!


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