Personal protective equipment

The Personal Protective Equipment category includes products for hygiene and protection such as disinfectants, alcohol ketonatus, handhelds, thermometers and face masks. In this category you will find the following articles, among others:

  • Dr. Original Handgel 70%
  • Dr. Original Alcohol Ketonatus (70% and 95%)
  • Dr. Original Face Mask (including made in The Netherlands!)
  • Dr. Original Digital Thermometer
  • Dr. Original Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometer
  • Dr. Original Hand Cream Aloe Vera

For all these products, quality and origin are extremely important. Our Quality Control department guarantees this. For example, the Dr. Original Handgel contains 70% alcohol and is produced in the Netherlands. A special production location has also been set up in the Netherlands for the Dr. Original Face Mask. The face mask produced in the Netherlands can be recognised by the text on the packaging: 'Made in the Netherlands'. 


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