Medicine Accessories

The Category of Medicine Accessories from Dr. Original contains products for use with medicines. For example, consider the following useful products from this category:

  • Dr. Original Week Medicine Box
  • Dr. Original Compact Week Medicine Box (Travel box)
  • Dr. Original Dosing Syringe
  • Dr. Original Pill Splitter
  • Dr. Original Pill Puncher

Dr. Original Week Medicine Box
This handy storage box for medication has storage compartments for the 7 days of the week, which are again divided into morning, afternoon, evening and night. This way you know for sure whether or not you have had medication. The Dr. Original Week Medicine Box contains separate dosing boxes for easy carrying. You only need to fill this medicine box once a week.

Dr. Original Compact Week Medicine Box (Travel box)
The Compact Week Medicine Box is the travel variant on the Week Medicine Box. This handy and compact design contains all days of the week which are clearly marked. This round box is easy to use and ideal for when traveling or on vacation.

Dr. Original Dosing Syringe
Because it is not always easy to get the right amount of liquid medicine, you can use the Dr. Original Dosing Syringe for precise measurement of liquid medicines. The dosing syringe has a capacity of 10 ml and is transparent, making it easy to read how much medicine is in the dosing syringe.

Dr. Original Pill Splitter
To make it easier to take medication, we developed the Dr. Original Pill Puncher. With this you can split and crush pills. Suitable for seniors and hospital staff, but it can also be used for animal medication.

Dr. Original Pill Puncher
The Dr. Original Pill Puncher is there to easily remove pills from blister packs. By placing the package in the Pill Puncher you can easily squeeze out the pill that falls into the holder of the product. Ideal for those with limited dexterity or for use with one hand.


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