Dr. Original

The product range of Dr. Original is divided into different categories: Medicine accessories, First Aid products, Helpful tools and Self-tests. In the category medicine accessories you will find products for medicines such as a dosing syringe, a pill splitter and a storage box for medicines to store them on day and part of the day. 

At First Aid products you will find products that fit around the theme of First Aid such as First Aid Sets. The products in the helpful tools category are products that can support you in daily life, such as a urine container, a key turning tool and a pen thickener. 

In the Self-tests category you will find various tests to easily test at home for pregnancy, diabetes and menopause. OTC Medical is the specialist in home diagnostics, and takes care of continued development of new innovative tests. In cooperation with our R&D partners we develop the most complete product line of home diagnostics.

Dr. Original is:
  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable!


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