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Sports go better with magnesium
Many people practice one or another sport in their free time: Running, cycling, walking, working out at the gym, golf, tennis and soccer are an essential part of daily life for many people.

All forms of exercise have one thing in common, which is movement - i.e. muscle activity. Magnesium and potassium are a true power duo. As "energy minerals," they support muscle function. They are particularly effective when muscle and nerve cells need to convert a lot of energy

Dr. Böhm® Magnesium Sport®
Your mineral supply for top performance in sports
Magnesium and potassium complement each other; together they can be better absorbed and utilized. To prevent the body from having to draw on the long-term reserves of magnesium in the bones, a regular supply in the form of a dietary supplement during sport makes sense.

Something for everyone: drinks, sticks and tablets
Dr. Böhm® Magnesium Sport® meets the increased need for magnesium and potassium during exercise. When you sweat during exercise, your fluid requirements increase. This is because the body loses a lot of fluid and the minerals it contains through exercise, which has a negative effect on your performance.

As a tablet, with or without water - just the way you need it!
Dr. Böhm® Magnesium Sport® effervescent tablets are quick and easy to dissolve in water - the ideal thirst quencher during your sporting adventures. Dr. Böhm® Magnesium Sport® tablets provide a basic daily supply; the magnesium preparation is also available as practical instant-sticks for when you're on the go.


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