Keeps you on track! For all occasions. Do you love outdoor activities? Is your job asking a lot from your feet? Wearing a new pair of shoes? Hotter temperatures making your feet swell causing normally comfortable shoes to rub? 

Blisters can be triggered by many different causes preventing you from being at your best. With Compeed you can protect yourself from blisters and other painful foot conditions. Compeed products provide you with a wide range of solutions. CompeedĀ® contains hydrocolloidal active gel technology. The full product range is designed to assist fast healing.

Compeed contains hydrocolloid, known for its wound healing properties. The entire product range is designed to help your feet heal faster:

  • Compeed Blister Plasters
      • Available in the following types and sizes:
          • Medium
          • Small
          • Mixpack (3 in 1)
          • Extreme
          • High Heel
          • Underfoot Blisters
          • For Toes
  • Compeed Anti-Blisterstick
  • Compeed Corn Plasters
  • Compeed Callus Plasters

Besides the well-known plasters for blisters and calluses, Compeed also has a product for the treatment of Cold Sore. Cold Sore is one of the most common viral skin infections and can be very painful.  They carry one of the highest health scares because they are ugly and contagious. Compeed Patch against Cold Sore with Applicator provides an effective, simple and discreet solution.


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