The unique aspect of Biofreeze is it's "cold therapy": a combination of the natural menthol and the evaporation of alcohol you will experience a cold feeling on the places where Biofreeze is applied. This causes two reactions:

  1. The micro circulation and blood circulation are stimulated.
  2. The nerve ends in the top layer of the skin are influenced, causing less pain and enabling your muscles to relax.

Biofreeze's effect is substantial because the body adjusts itself to the circumstances and reacts to the coldness: blood vessels will narrow and the blood circulation decreases. However, the cold reaction is short and a counter reaction will follow: the blood circulation increases and the body warms up from the inside. This is comparable to warming your cold hands: this often causes a glowing feeling.

Biofreeze comes in a gel, spray and roll-on for consumers. In addition, for professional users, there are various larger packages available.  For more information regarding Biofreeze please take a look at the product pages, or alternatively, visit


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