Bibi Soothers

For years Bibi is the no. 1 in soothers. The production in Switzerland, where every effort is made to manufacture the best soother, plays an important role.

The new Bibi "Happiness" soother is the ultimate soother, advices by experts. The soother fits the face's curves ergonomically and has the optimal fit such that it contributes positively to the development of the mouth, jaws and tongue. Please read below what makes Bibi so special.

  • SensoPearls. These "pearls" simulate the breast's glands. This sensory simulation gives baby's a safe feeling. In addition, the SensoPearls prevent irritation of the skin.
  • ErgoComfort Shield. The soother has the right curve that fits the face. In case this is lacking it will give friction and can cause skin irritation and incorrect pressure on the mouth. Further, the soother is anchored, bite resistant and provides optimal pressure distribution.
  • Airflow Holes. These are necessary for optimale ventilation. Make sure that these are present when choosing a soother.
  • Protective cap. In order to store the soother for the best hygiene.
  • Tattoo. There is an animal tattooed in the soother. This refers to the size of the soother (0-6, 6-16 or 16+ months). The animal can bet found clearly on the package. Oftentimes the package has already been thrown away, causing you to search for the right soother in the store. The tattoo simplifies this; you can choose the right soother, straight away. Moreover, the tattoo is visible for the parents or caretakers, but not sensible for the baby.

The soother itself is made even softer, can handle maximum traction and is bite resistant. The Happiness soothers are the best choice parents and caretakers can make. But in addition, they reflect happiness and joyfulness, with their happy colors and funny animals. They come in a variety of designs, such as the classic "I Love Mama" and "Papa is the Best", Play with us, Lovely Dots and Glow in the Dark (clever for the night).


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