Bibi Bottles

Our innovative, premium Happiness bottles come in two sizes, 120ml and 260ml. The smallest (0-2 years) is packed in a lion pack, the bigger bottle (0+ years) is a bear pack. The bottles are made out of PP (Polypropylene), an easy-to-use and safe material. The outer package is reusable by means of a storage box for i.e. cookies, muesli etc.

Other advantages of Bibi Happiness bottles are:

  • The clever cap serves at the same time as a funnel for milk powder; no mess and no waste!
  • The bottom is broader as compared to other bottles, such that the bottle won't fall that easy.
  • The bottles are compatible with all prevailing breast pumps.
  • The colors and animals reflect, as with the soothers, happiness and joyfulness.
  • The bottles are anti colic, preventing stomach cramps.
  • Suitable for microwave, dishwasher and steam sterilization.


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