Bibi Accessories

In addition to the no. 1 soothers and bottles, Bibi offers various clever accessories. These help parents, caretakers and baby's in feeding, hygiene, upcoming teeth etc. Please find below a few of Bibi's accessories.

  • Bibi Teething Ring. Relieves when teeth are upcoming. The ring can be disconnected and filled with water. This ensures that only the ring is cold and the baby can hold it smoothly. It further contributes to strengthen the palate and muscles of the tongue.
  • Bibi Soother Holder. Perfect for attaching a soother to the baby's clothes. The soother cannot fall on the floor and stays clean longer. Further to that, the soother does not get lost. It is available in various prints.
  • Bibi Milk Powder Dispenser. For the preparation and hygienic transport of baby food such as milk powder. The clever dispenser ensures that you carry the right amount.
  • Bibi Nose Pump. Clogged nosed are best cleaned with Bibi's Nose Pump. It relieves the baby's breathing and the valve ensures that the mucus does not run back into the nose.


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